Command Security Corporation Special Services- Weekend Only - Part Time- 6am to 10am in Los Angeles, California


With more than thirty years of experience, Command Security Corporation (CSC) through its Aviation Safeguards division has been a committed, long-term strategic partner to the Aviation Services industry. Our operational capabilities have been developed, tested, and overwhelmingly applauded by the aviation community across more than 25 airports and more than 100 airlines. Aviation Safeguards has continuously created and delivered value through responsive management, consistent services, flexible technology, and outstanding performance outcomes.

This position may provide customer service in the following areas: ticket counter, baggage room, baggage handling, crowd control, catering seal inspection, aircraft search and aircraft screening. This position deals with airlines to provide orderly operations, maintain flow of passengers and their luggage, or inspection of aircraft and goods.


Essential Functions:

  • Ticket Counter

  • Set up stanchions an established queuing order for passengers.

  • Assists passengers with luggage.

  • Assists passengers through screening

  • Assists passengers with required “Special Handling” of fragile or delicate items.

  • Tagsluggage and moves from bag well to bag belt.

  • Handles oversized or over-weight luggage to pick up areas.

  • Baggage Room

  • Must be able to lift and carry bags that weigh up to 70lbs.

  • Ability to handle oversized bags.

  • Observes loading and unloading of baggage.

  • Places luggage onto conveyor belts, clears belts of blockages.

  • Monitors any damage to luggage and reports to Supervisor.

  • Reportsany pilfering of airline or passenger items that is observed.

  • Baggage Handling

  • Assists passengers with luggage through security checkpoint and screening.

  • May be responsible to assist in x-ray of hand held luggage or carry-on.

  • Handles oversized luggage or awkward items for passengers.

  • Catering

  • May be required to observe seals for catering containers are place and unbroken before their delivery to an aircraft or once placed onboard an aircraft.

  • Aircraft Search

  • Performs a physical search of an aircraft to make sure that no suspicious items are on board and that all security seals are in place and unbroken.

  • Screen service personnel entering the aircraft.

  • Ensure that only authorized personnel gain access to the aircraft.

  • Crowd Control

  • Assist passengers to expedite their wait time through document checkpoints.

  • Maintain passageways through the checkpoint area, keeping them clear of baggage.

  • Directs passengers to less congested checkpoints to maintain flow.

  • Follow all safety rules. Observes and reports any unsafe or hazardous conditions immediately to their manager or proper authority.

  • May be requested to perform other duties as assigned based on Manager’s needs or airline activity.

Other Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Uses proper body mechanics while performing duties.

  • Remain alert and aware of the surroundings.

  • Demonstrates ability to work with others and interact appropriately.

  • Able to think clearly during crisis or high-stress periods.

  • Possess empathetic abilities in dealing with passengers and their needs.

  • Maintains communication with other agents and managers.Relates information regarding events or situations that may effect

Working Conditions:

  • May be exposed to high levels of noise in the terminals.

  • Physical demands placed on employee when dealing with passengers of varying weights and temperatures.

  • Must be flexible to work scheduled and/or non-scheduled hours as required.

  • Ability to repeatedly lift luggage or other items up to 70 lbs.

Career LevelUnspecified

Experience0 to 1 Year

EducationHigh School Diploma/GED (Required)

Shift6am to 10am - Weekends Only